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Kate Hayes
10 reviews

Entertaining and Consistent
Enjoy her content...consistent and entertaining. She puts up with an a....
Disgusting human being.
This so called influencer is one of the most disgusting human beings a....

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Imogen Horton
2 reviews

Dramatic,over the top attention seeker.....
Narcissistic idiot
Imos life is all fairy dust and butterflys, that's what she'd have you....

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Mrs Hinch
31 reviews

Disappointed is an under statement
So disappointed with Mrs Hinch. I have gone from being a massive fan t....
Seen the light
Was a huge hinch fan till about a year ago till there was several inco....

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Rebecca Lamb
5 reviews

Companies Should Be Aware...
Some very concerning behaviour from this 'influencer' and her boyfrien....
Love her house
Really do like her house in the Dales but other than that there's not ....

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The Radford Family
5 reviews

This family has freaked me right out since they first appeared on tell....
The oddest family on social media! Poor sue has been nothing but an ov....

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Stacey Solomon
15 reviews

Gross that’s all I c an say
Sickened by the favouritism of her new daughter anyone would think she....
This person has done a very good job of convincing the world they are ....

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Elle Darby
1 reviews

Contrived, dishonest and dangerous
I think Elle is probably the top worst influencer, or near the top. El....

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Ash Reid
1 reviews

Shameless exploitation of children
She's chosen a job where she sells her children's childhood to any bra....

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Rachaele Hambleton
4 reviews

PTWM is absolutely frightful!!!
This despicable woman is on a quest for fame and money and will let no....
Total narcissist
Racheale is a total narcissist and full of her own self importance. Sh....

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Harry and Meghan
1 reviews

Pair of ponces
Liars, hypocrites, scruffy scroungers....

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