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Amy Neville
1 reviews

Scams small businesses for free product
I’m a small business owner. I was approached by Amy who asked for pr....

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Victoria Magrath
1 reviews

Unethical "Fashion Blogger" Who Publishes One Cash Grab After the Next
Victoria is a perfect example of why people in general don't like Infl....

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Emma Conway
1 reviews

Hypocritical, boring, child seller.
I used to love her when she blogged but she’s just awful now she’s....

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Sarah Ingham
3 reviews

Lying, unfit excuse for a mother
I have never seen a family channel on YouTube so unkept before. As lon....
A woman with narcissistic tendencies and enables her husband’s behaviour.
Sarah Ingham is the wife to Chris Ingham of The Ingham Family. She....

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Lorna Luxe
1 reviews

100% Liar
Sadly shills a life of luxury when she lies about everything, they are....

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Andy Malone
1 reviews

Utter cringe
This guy claims to be a life coach and spends his time saying bog stan....

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Joe Wicks
1 reviews

I haven’t followed him for a very long time so no idea what he’s d....

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Claire Chanelle Chouquette
1 reviews

Nasty Piece of work
Honestly doesn't deserve 1 star, her attitude towards her followers is....

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Chris Ingham
4 reviews

A creepy little man who never takes off his stinking beanie....
His behaviour is a concern.
Chris Ingham was exposed in 2018 for highly inappropriate behaviour to....

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Elle Darby
1 reviews

Contrived, dishonest and dangerous
I think Elle is probably the top worst influencer, or near the top. El....

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