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Lydia Millen
2 reviews

OMG - I had to unsubscribe from this lady
I had to unsubscribe from this lady as she is so bloody up her own b-t....
No denying she’s so gorgeous with a killer body. Nice house that she....

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Rachaele Hambleton
4 reviews

PTWM is absolutely frightful!!!
This despicable woman is on a quest for fame and money and will let no....
Total narcissist
Racheale is a total narcissist and full of her own self importance. Sh....

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Ash Reid
1 reviews

Shameless exploitation of children
She's chosen a job where she sells her children's childhood to any bra....

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Harry and Meghan
1 reviews

Pair of ponces
Liars, hypocrites, scruffy scroungers....

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Nadia Sawalha
4 reviews

Unhealthy channel
A lot of people used to enjoy this insight into the bohemian world of ....
Mr and Mrs con persons.
These 2 don't care what they post on SM whether it upsets their kids, ....

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Phoebe Court
1 reviews

A car crash I can’t look away from
I really want to feel sorry for Phoebe because she has a pretty empty ....

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Sarah's Day
1 reviews

1st Class Narcissist
Sells fitness ebooks with no qualifications Has a cooking app with ....

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Emma Hart
6 reviews

Contrived, dishonest and dangerous
I used to love her when she blogged but she’s just awful now she’s....
Lying unfit excuse for a mother
Used to be relatable ,took pride in her appearance and her child’s w....

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Fathering Autism
2 reviews

Despicable parents
These two claim autism awareness but only on it for money. Their treat....
Invasive Documentation of Non-verbal Disabled daughter's private moments
This vlogger has set up quite a following with his sharing of his extr....

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Katie Price
1 reviews

Train wreck
Jordan aka Katie price started off as a page 3 girl many years ago. Ob....

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