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2 years ago

"Shameless exploitation of children"

She's chosen a job where she sells her children's childhood to any brands that pay for it on Instagram. There should be rules to protect children from this like there is for child actors.

Damaging for mother's mental health as she insists on saying she's a size 12 when she's clearly not. It's the lie that's the issue not her size.

She was passing names to an anonymous Instagram account to target and harass people that leave negative reviews about her. She took to social media to laugh that she was going to ruin people's lives (jobs and relationships) because they said that her living room (that she insists on posting publicly) looks like a crematorium. Get over yourself. Stop sharing your families life publicly to make money on Instagram if you can only deal with praise. She's shown a very nasty and vicious side that's as bad as trolls that send vicious messages to her inbox.


Ash Reid

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