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Leonardo DiCaprisun
1 year ago

"Nobody told her anything"

Begs for everything. No direction with her ‘content’. Moans about everything down to her child being the cause of her damaged hair, not the fact she straightens/curls it on the regular. Also is scared of leaving the M25.


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1 year ago

"One of the worst influencers around"

I don’t know what this waste of space would do if she wasn’t an “influencer”, not that she does that very well either.
She’s a professional beggar who’s got some very specific views on people from other cultures.
She doesn’t always verify that her posts are adverts and spends - what seems like - her entire day begging for things she doesn’t need on Instagram.
Avoid buying anything she suggests at all costs as her opinion is absolute rubbish. In fact, just avoid her.


Lily Pebbles

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