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2 years ago

"Stay clear"

I used to be an avid supporter of Emma Hart as I genuinely liked supporting a single mum who had done well for herself

I stopped viewing when she had her daughter who is over exposed on her profile even though there was bullying and when she still accepted gifts even though she didn’t need the money her poor daughter is laughed at as someone with autism I think it was cruel to put her daughter online when she knew she was being trolled


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2 years ago

"Scammer, liar, manipulator"

Emma Hart publishes her whole life online and has leaked her address at least twice. Her best friend raped her daughter and she had a friend who was just 16 (Emma is 37) Emma used to do live raffles where she would give prizes that no where near added up to how much gifts she got sent she would receive £20 on gifts from a kid and if they won the raffle she would give them £10 worth of pound land tack
Uses verified influencers for clout and pretends she is related to them


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2 years ago

"Disgusting vapid selfish woman who’s opinion of herself is overinflated much like her daughters stomach"

Let’s not beat around the bush, Emma has morphed from being an average mum influencer on TikTok to quite possibly one of the most self righteous, egotistical, disingenuous women to walk planet Earth.

She constantly edits her photos to give a false impression of her face and to try and cover her black tooth despite claiming to have embraced her “natural beauty” and preaching to others.

Her parenting skills are severely lacking and she has always dressed her daughter in cheap, ill-fitting clothes whilst spending a small fortune on constant beauty treatments and shop hauls for herself. She lets her daughter talk to her viewers as though they are the epitome of vermin instead of deleting hate comments and being mature.

She seeks out verified TikTok users and attempts an interaction on the hope she will gain some more followers for the dead end account she calls “successful”.

She plays at being an influencer, but is incredibly lazy at advertising anything companies gift her - and those items are now few and far between. She has attempted advertisements for mini brands in the past but has always neglected the unboxing after a couple of videos. All her content is the same and she recycles a lot of old videos.

In short, her content is extremely bland, inconsistent and poorly executed, much like her pizza making skills. Would definitely not recommend!


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2 years ago


Her daughter Faith scammed people on a game called roblox and there is also proof Faith told some people to kill themselves but Emma denied all this even though there was video proof

Emma diagnosed Faith with lots of mental illnesses like Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose
Faith calls people names, tells people to kill themselves, is rude and mean to people online and emma says she can’t help it because she is autistic and has tourettes and all the other things she has wrong with her

Emma Hart lies for benefit money and scams children to fill her purse


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2 years ago

"Contrived, dishonest and dangerous"

I used to love her when she blogged but she’s just awful now she’s full on Tiktok. No original content it’s all rehashed or buying lots of unnecessary crap.

Regularly complains that people are mean and cruel online and that trolls follow and attack her - yet she STILL shows far too much detail of her kids life online. They have no privacy. If you’re that bothered about the negative side of having an online persona why the hell wouldn’t you protect your kids from it. It’s obvious that money and the dopamine hit from Tiktok likes are all that’s important to her now.

Her content is either deadly boring or utterly cringey it’s like watching a car crash- can’t look away as she’s slowly losing the plot and unravelling.

It started to go wrong when she decided to do it for a job, rather that it just being another part of her life. She hasn’t got the talent or imagination to be a full time creative.


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2 years ago

"Lying unfit excuse for a mother"

Used to be relatable ,took pride in her appearance and her child’s wellbeing.
The times have shown her true colors .
Wish I could write less than 1 star


Emma Hart

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