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2 years ago

"Contrived, dishonest and dangerous"

I think Elle is probably the top worst influencer, or near the top. Elle portrays a make believe life in an almost TOWIE type contrived YouTube channel. Her ‘surprise’ engagement to Connor (who looks like he has been invited upon this earth via a seance) is the very worst video I have ever seen. Nauseating doesn’t even explain it.

Elle gives impressionable young girls a false narrative to aspire to. She badly photoshops her photographs and is adamant she is a size S when she isn’t. She has her own Angelle collection and the sizes aren’t average UK sizing, they’re oversized so Elle can continue to portray herself as an S, which is incredibly dangerous. There’s nothing wrong with Elle’s body, but her behaving like it’s shameful and lying about it is what makes her so dangerous.

Elle and Connor can usually be found in a piss-puddled car park attempting to take ‘edgy’ photographs of one another and failing. She is normally wearing a unitard come summer or winter, which accentuates her lips (not the ones on her face.)

Now they are parents to Saint, their baby boy. Incredibly cute but he’s already used as a commodity.

The funniest video is when Elle and Connor were invited to the 2021 NTA awards and assumed they were rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous such is their over-inflated delusions of grandeur. Elle went overboard with her outfit, got it completely wrong and they actually ended up in the no respect seats in the gods with the general public. The humiliation was real.

If you want fake, look no further than Elle and her chocolate digestive biscuit habit channel.


Elle Darby

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