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2 years ago

"1st Class Narcissist"

Sells fitness ebooks with no qualifications

Has a cooking app with no qualifications - cumin in bolognese ????


Self diagnosed PCOS that's she's cured herself.....

Cured her CIN3 with a healthy lifestyle and then did a YouTube video to educate others how to cure their potential cancer.

Did a video explaining she lost her period due to over exercising and under eating. Then uses the photos from this time to promote her various products

Doesn't disclose ads.

Thinks apologising for being racist is a good enough response for her actions.

Deletes and blocks every negative comment she receives.

Exploits her son on a daily basis.

Photoshops images to give herself a thigh gap. She also distorts her body in her mirror selfies to appear to have a thigh gap. Girl it isn't the 90s.

Sells fast fashion made in China and pretends it's ethical.

Monetised her grandmas death.

Is anti vax.

The list goes on...i’m sure others will share.


Sarah's Day

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