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Georgina Horne
1 reviews

Instahun becomes Instamum but stays schtum
Oversharer George gives birth BUT is still pregnant!!????? I get th....

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2 reviews

Funny and entertaining
I love that Lisa is on this website and doesn’t even see herself as ....
Funny lady
I love love Lisa! I really hope she doesn’t change as she really mak....

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Katie Piper
7 reviews

Love love love
Really admire that she refuses to share her children online and says n....
My favourite influencer
Katie is my favourite influencer. A truly beautiful woman and soul who....

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Rosie Henshaw
3 reviews

Don't have a bad word to say about her
Body positive but not in a toxic way and love her style....
Refreshing - she’s so normal!
Totally agree with the other reviewer, Rosie just embraces herself, fl....

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Sevda Cataltas
2 reviews

An unproblematic influencer.
I believe Sevda is an unproblematic influencer. Sevda comes across....
Sweet and harmless
I like sevda she shares very normal content and it’s nice to see som....

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Becki Jones
6 reviews

A sweet enough woman
Becki frequents my for you page on tiktok and unlike some of the other....
I don’t know why I admit I keep watching her videos… something com....

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Kerri Northcott
1 reviews

Would go to the opening of an envelope. Different but no focus.
Kerri is a prime example of someone who began a relatable account on I....

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Liza Prideaux
1 reviews

OK but not very exciting
Liza is a mother of three boys and lives with her husband Mark, an ele....

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Carrie-Ann Roberts
1 reviews

I used to be an avid buyer of mere soeur stuff as I genuinely liked su....

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Marcus Mitchell
2 reviews

I found Marcus whilst on Facebook one day with one of his joke videos ....
Fame hungry self centred man
A fame hungry young man who seems to hide behind his autism when calle....

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