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2 years ago

"Fame hungry self centred man"

A fame hungry young man who seems to hide behind his autism when called out on his behaviour e.g. trolling and arguing with genuine followers. His ‘content’ is entirely stolen with his face and body superimposed onto any ‘memes’ he uploads. Brought out a book which was poorly reviewed and had a tantrum over it, encouraging bullying of those who reviewed the book negatively. Often cries troll as an engagement tactic - many of his Instagram posts are repeated messages from his trolls - find it odd that the trolls would say the same messages to him time and time again - it’s clear he’s sending messages to himself. Makes a mockery of suicide and mental health issues, was claiming suicide one day and sunshine the next - although all of this behaviour is deleted from Instagram time and time again, he really is like a toddler having tantrums - autism or not he needs to be called out and held accountable when he’s in the wrong. If I was a company wanting an influencer to advertise my product I would AVOID Marcus at all costs.


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2 years ago


I found Marcus whilst on Facebook one day with one of his joke videos and it. seems he is a very inspiring person. I was hooked to his content and as I went through his Facebook page and knew he was a very kind fellow and hilarious. He also has a very supportive mother that always makes him feel happy. I really enjoy Marcus’ content and he’s had his up and, down moments in his life but he’s always going to be a creative person.


Marcus Mitchell

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