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2 years ago

"OK but not very exciting"

Liza is a mother of three boys and lives with her husband Mark, an electrician who has given up work to live the influencer life, like most other partners have.

They often struggle for content and can end up with a video of quite a mundane existence, featuring bland conversations.

In December 2020 they moved into an older, larger property (influencer work pays well) and said they were going to slowly create their perfect family home. By Boxing Day the Christmas tree was down and temporary work had begun, which included spending a couple of grand making their kitchen white to tide them over for a year or so, which is far removed from most people’s reality.

Liza has a face full of fillers and Botox which doesn’t move whatsoever. I think she also has veneers and lip fillers which sometimes cause her to lisp, and her face is covered in concealer, foundation and powders. That’s not my thing but if you like ‘get ready with me’ videos, you’ll probably appreciate it more. If you don’t, you can usually find an edited version with her eye fucking herself on a boomerang on Instagram.

Liza is nowhere near the worst of influencers. She clearly displays her ads, and if you like bland content in front of a backdrop of cream interiors, you will like her. She comes across as a bit cringe at times but even so, she seems quite sweet natured and inoffensive and regularly speaks about her arthritis.

The one issue is that of her youngest who demands her attention when she speaks to anyone but him, which can sometimes grate a little, especially when it means the older boys get ignored. Interestingly he doesn’t do the same to Mark. Although it’s a minor thing it can become a bit irritating when she is speaking to camera.


Liza Prideaux

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