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2 years ago

"Sweet and harmless"

I like sevda she shares very normal content and it’s nice to see someone working and managing their life around a social media presence. I like she is kind to all commenters and doesn’t saturate her platform with ads

Her little girl is very sweet but I hope there is less mention of her soon as she’s got some mean comments and she is only small it is not right but it’s best to keep little kids off as people are mean her family all seem genuine and nice to


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2 years ago

"An unproblematic influencer."

I believe Sevda is an unproblematic influencer.

Sevda comes across honest and kind in her videos. She shares helpful recipes and is open about her past such as weight loss and shared helpful and sustainable tips about weight loss.

Her account is not full of paid sponsorships which is a welcome change. Sometimes it is nice just to watch stories that aren’t just trying to sell you things or make you believe you are best friends.

I think there is a danger she could be swept under the greed rug and potential for her lovely daughter to be exposed too much but I believe she will figure this out herself as she seems quite intelligent. A welcome change.


Sevda Cataltas

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