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2 years ago

"Instahun becomes Instamum but stays schtum"

Oversharer George gives birth BUT is still pregnant!!?????

I get the need to take time off social media after having a baby and no one will generally bat an eyelid.

Hey everyone baby came, all is good, now I'm going to concentrate on little one and update as/when so please bear with. Thank you all for your support etc etc.

You'll have all the love, best wishes and understanding sent your way.

A picture of George with baby posted on a Facebook account weekend of 9/10 October yet Ms Horne is acting like she's still waiting. Posting about impending birth and wondering how wonky will arrive, bemoaning the future loss of bump, very much still pregnant. Over 350k followers, many really invested in this pregnancy, given the hurdles she and husband overcame. Any comment on insta that might give game away, deleted. She blocks anyone who views her stories and doesn't follow her. How to make life extra complicated when you didn't have to.

Is it any wonder why some influencers get a hard time or are scrutinized when shady sh*t like this goes on. They moan that they've got to put ad/gifted on stuff yet if you can pretend you're still with child when said child has been born, that is the weirdest behaviour.

Countdown to actual reveal is with your bookmakers of choice, place your bets now.


Georgina Horne

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