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1 year ago

"Would go to the opening of an envelope. Different but no focus."

Kerri is a prime example of someone who began a relatable account on Instagram, running her own little business making children’s clothes and being very open about her heartbreaking struggle with fertility whilst trying to conceive another child…. but how times change! Sadly she has turned her back on designing/making and has become an influencer who will advertise literally anything, take anything or go anywhere if it means getting a freebie and as a result her content has become a bit messy and chaotic as she flits from Lane to Lane with no real focus.

She often uses her young daughter as a prop for selling items and Ivy has spent many days and nights accompanying Kerri to PR events with no other child present. Kerri objects to any type of criticism even though she displays much of her life and that of her daughter online to flog goods and make money. Her fertility story has also become something she occasionally mentions in passing so if you’re looking for a mum influencer, there are better out there.

Kerri often goes to PR events with a group of other influencers where they get pissed, make no reference to the products/places and instead post lots of videos of themselves acting pissed in toilets and finding themselves hilarious. It’s cringing to anyone else. So in terms of a fashion/food/lifestyle influencer I could also think of better examples.

Earlier this year she held a ‘birthday weekend’ for her daughter. After months of lockdown and people struggling, her show of vulgar extravagance and mass gathering at her home was galling for many. It consisted of a (free) hotel stay, an inflatable party, and culminated with a massive free-for-all gram-worthy party for all her InstaHuns including garden nightclub, DJs, food vans, ice cream van and the typical balloon arch. She objected when people called her out over it.

The one positive I will say is that she steers away from the usual bandwagon of the grey/velvet sofa look that other lacklustre InstaHuns seem transfixed by. Kerri stamps her own style on her new older property and isn’t afraid to be a bit different which is refreshing to see, although sometimes she admits she’s not always entirely successful. Unfortunately her home content has dwindled and now it’s either affiliated items or adverts for brands, so if you’re looking for a home influencer, again there are better elsewhere.

In short I can’t advise on what her niche is anymore because her content seems dictated solely by what companies she is being paid to advertise. If you prefer someone with more substance, with a balance and focus and who is less self and label-obsessive, there are many other more suitable influencers to watch. It’s a real shame Kerri has changed her direction as she was always a bit different and edgier but is now a basic salesperson.


Kerri Northcott

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