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1 year ago

"A breath of fresh air!"

There are not many influencers who bring something to the table and remain grounded, but this is what makes Rosie an exception to the rest. Rosie is infectiously happy, funny and relatable.

She doesn’t portray herself as something special, edit her figure or pretend to live a life she doesn’t. On the contrary, Rosie embraces herself, her curves and the daily life of motherhood.

Rosie is a talented crafter and what she creates are items you would like to copy. She also explains it well whilst chatting to you like you’re sat having a cup of tea together in her home she creates in a farmhouse style.

Rosie lives with her husband and three kids with another baby imminent. She keeps her children away from the limelight as much as possible and respects their privacy.

If you love upcycling, creating beautiful interior decor from secondhand items, crafting something lovely from Poundland items or watch someone doing a clothing haul from a charity shop, Rosie is your gal. A typical East ender with a smile. I hope her increase in followers and new adverts don’t change her - she has got it spot on. I don’t wish to sound like a massive fan, but I can’t fault Rosie.


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Ghost reviewer
1 year ago

"Refreshing - she’s so normal!"

Totally agree with the other reviewer, Rosie just embraces herself, flaws and all, and is so refreshing to see someone so honest and real.


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1 year ago

"Don't have a bad word to say about her"

Body positive but not in a toxic way and love her style


Rosie Henshaw

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