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Marcus Mitchell
2 reviews

I found Marcus whilst on Facebook one day with one of his joke videos ....
Fame hungry self centred man
A fame hungry young man who seems to hide behind his autism when calle....

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Simon Hooper
7 reviews

No morals
Man with no morals who is a racist by default with his gross wife! Sel....
Glorified for selling his children
Everyone thinks he is witty haha, but his captions are so cliche. Care....

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Lucy Jessica Carter
2 reviews

Boring and lazy
She gives off such lazy vibes. House usually messy, doesn’t edit vid....
A go-getter let down by vanity
I like Lucy. She is one of just a handful of influencers who don’t i....

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Anna Bey
5 reviews

Scammer thief liar former pr*stitute and wannabe madam
This person lies about her lifestyle so she can sell a "course" to "ba....
This lady is a scammer
I found her on YouTube. Then I saw her marketing funnel and decided to....

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Lydia Millen
3 reviews

Congrats on your success :)
Genuinely don’t understand the need for the two (clearly jealous) pe....
OMG - I had to unsubscribe from this lady
I had to unsubscribe from this lady as she is so bloody up her own b-t....

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Em Sheldon
1 reviews

More money than sense
Lives in her own little bubble. Surprised she hasn't got a second home....

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Ashley and Chelsea
1 reviews

Not funny
This woman started off funny…. Her nasty gal video was hilarious… ....

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Candice Brathwaite
2 reviews

Good and bad
There are some good and bad points about candice so it did not feel ri....
Not a nice woman
She openly admitted to being a madam and selling other womens bodies a....

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Jemma Solomon
4 reviews

Sells crap labels and let’s be honest she only does well cos of who ....
Cling on
This woman is just stringing along in her sisters shadow! She literall....

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Nikki Ryan
3 reviews

Lazy and narcissistic influencer with nothing original to offer
Nikki is a very lazy content creator rolling out the same “lost 3 st....
2.5 stars
I agree she flutters between brands and is so inconsistent. She advert....

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