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Ghost reviewer
2 years ago


No denying she’s so gorgeous with a killer body. Nice house that she feels the constant need to change depending on what look she’s going for this season. Seems so wasteful.
Very conceited and vapid. I wish clothes looked as good on me as they do her though. Wish she’d use her platform to do something good in the world rather than be so vain and wasteful. Would give her a purpose in life other than trying on clothes and selling things to followers.


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2 years ago

"OMG - I had to unsubscribe from this lady"

I had to unsubscribe from this lady as she is so bloody up her own b-ttom. She is so happy (repeat, repeat, repeat) . I am sick of her gloating about her house, her garden and everything. I cannot believe all you followers are making this woman so rich. If you read this Lydia I am sorry but there are people in Ukraine fighting for their lives and all you are worrying about is me, me, me and you are so happy. I'm out!!!


Lydia Millen

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