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2 years ago

"Not a nice woman"

She openly admitted to being a madam and selling other womens bodies and gloated about it. Now she's turned this around 360 to call herself a sex worker and tell a lie to mislead.

She's hit the big time now but has a history of being vicious and unpleasent. She once threatened to punch another woman at her child's school.

Everything she has a go at other people for - bullying, racism etc she is guilty herself.

If you ever call her out on anything she'll assume you're racist and this does a real disservice to real racism.

There's a reason why her mother and sister have cut her out and asked her to stop using them for content.

Why big brands would use her is beyond me, a few smiles shouldn't give a free pass to problematic behavior. If she was white she would have been cancelled a long time ago with her actions.


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Sally 1960
2 years ago

"Good and bad"

There are some good and bad points about candice so it did not feel right to give her a 1/2 star.

She has charisma and a good personality which makes her content enjoyable.

When she does advertise, I believe it is clear and don’t think she sets out to hookwink followers.

It is nice to see a woman of colour being represented in the influencer world which is crammed full of hun culture.

Negatives for me:

Involved in scandals.
Uses family who clearly seem unhappy about being featured. Children also used.


Candice Brathwaite

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