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1 year ago

"A scammer, liar"

The woman charges over 1K for a mediocre course she isn’t capable nor qualified to teach, not to mention has ZERO experience with anything domestic or "high society" related.
She secretly films in hotels rooms pretending it's her home, poses with counterfeit designer bags, and manufactures an "affluent" lifestyle when she's barely upper middle class.
One look at her thread on Tattle and it will all make more sense.


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1 year ago

"Scammer thief liar former pr*stitute and wannabe madam"

This person lies about her lifestyle so she can sell a "course" to "bag a wealthy man elegantl".
That put aside (as if it was not disgusting already) she claims she has married wealthy so she can teach you how to do the same and THAT is a lie. Her husband (or civil partner) is a regular guy (nothing wrong with that).
The course itself won't teach you anything you can't find online for free or in unexpensive books on étiquette and manners.
The thing is that she promotes prostitution behaviour, and she is suspected of collecting sensitive datas for selling them (IDs and passports).
Ladies, beware of her. She only has her own interests at heart.


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1 year ago


I find Anna absolutely hilarious. Anyone with a brain can tell that what she does is tongue in cheek and she does it so well. I’ve been following her for years and it never gets boring


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Aija Raty
1 year ago

"This lady is a scammer"

I found her on YouTube. Then I saw her marketing funnel and decided to investigate what she does..
Her name is Aija Raty, not Anna Bey.
She has no clue about "high society". She has no degree, all her "studies" are some random online courses.
Go on to read about her.


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1 year ago


I am simply grateful to all great insights of the Tattle users regarding this creature.
It has offered me some of the best online entertainment.
Hate the exploitation of the weak, but I can't lie saying I'm not amused by seeing her downfall.
4 stars because she's the 5th


Anna Bey

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