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2 years ago

"Exploitative parents"

A few years ago I used to enjoy watching programmes about this family. Then you could almost physically see their notoriety as Britain's biggest family going to their heads. Their social media went from being a fairly normal, if large, family, to being all about the money and freebies that came along with their Instagram profile.

Their profile now is almost exclusively either an ad, showing off another freebie or boasting of their latest purchase. And to get their lifestyle they have had to sell their children. Those children are pimped out to earn money for the parents. The mother, Sue, is very immature. She seems to think she is the same age as her daughters. Her children are spoilt, feral and awful. The oldest ones are spiteful and the girls are little cows. Noel, the dad, is well creepy, he also impregnated Sue for the first time when she was 13 and he was an adult. How he didn't get done for that is beyond me. Sue is vulnerable, she is not very bright, and he manipulates her. I suspect it is him who wanted all those kids because no sensible person would set out to have quite so many children. I have no doubt that, if their insta and YouTube didn't earn so much cash they would have stopped at a much more reasonable number and been able to bring their children up properly instead of getting the older children to raise the young ones.

Sue looks old and haggard, having so many has done her no favours. I hope that she is done now and that there are no more radfords, and that their children do not follow in the parents footsteps.


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2 years ago

"Seriously odd!!!"

This is a seriously odd family!! I watched their first documentary years ago and thought the whole situation was weird and their financial stories do not add up!

The fact sue was 13 and Noel was 17 when they met is creepy and I think he is strange man who has some sort of weird pregnancy fetish!

The kids I just feel terribly sad for it’s impossible to pay attention to all them kids and I’m sure some of them have felt pushed aside over the years!!!


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2 years ago

"Greedy grabbers & chaotic lifestyle"

I think the Radfords now have somewhere between 22-24 children, but I could be wrong. Basically Sue has been birthing vag fruit yearly since she was in her teens. The fact she met a 17 year old Noel when she was 13 is a completely separate and concerning matter altogether. (Children can’t consent - no ifs or buts.)

Mother Nature has now stepped in and halted their lifetime reproductive habit and she is now not pregnant (at least, not that I know of.)

The older kids look after the younger kids whilst Sue buys dogs to breed. (They are her baby substitutes.) in fact Sue seems to do very little apart from the washing, because Noel stops working every afternoon to pick the children up from school. This goes some way to explaining why the reviews for his pie business are scathing as they’re about 6 weeks behind with orders and are quite rude if anyone dares to complain.

Have now jumped on the influencer bandwagon and spend most days bragging about the newest items they’ve received for free.

A chaotic household. I can’t watch them as they make me feel really uncomfortable. They were a novelty to begin with but have become really crass and braggy and a bit cheap. They bring absolutely nothing to the influencer table except noise and gloating. The older children look really unhappy and it can be a bit disturbing. If you want to follow a family, there are much better choices out there.


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2 years ago


The oddest family on social media! Poor sue has been nothing but an oven for her Perv husband since she was just 13, they never confront the age gap between them when they met which is repulsive!

I am convinced they have lost track of how many kids there are! Kids have been shown saying they felt they missed our growing up as mum always had a new born! They are more obsess with freebies and building their empire than their kids!


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2 years ago


This family has freaked me right out since they first appeared on telly! The husband clearly has some weird pregnancy fetish issues or sue is addicted to kids whatever the reason a strange family who freeload and consistently neglect the needs of their kids by constantly pumping out more kids


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