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1 year ago

"A go-getter let down by vanity"

I like Lucy. She is one of just a handful of influencers who don’t irritate and aren’t a constant stream of adverts.

Lucy has four children - two boys and toddler twin girls who are very cute and quite funny to watch. She lives with her husband, Jordan, who is a keen sportsman and who has begun a successful property development business.

Lucy used to be a trolly dolly and is quite pretty but the fillers in her lips are distracting. Her downfall is her stilted pieces to camera when filming vlogs and she used to be quite narcissistic always taking pics of herself in different outfits.

When she had her girls life seemed to change for Lucy. I think she found it tough and her days of aesthetic clothing photos and skincare tutorials are no longer possible as she has her hands full. This actually became a good thing - Lucy became more relatable, less self indulgent and more honest in terms of parenting.

Her and Jordan aren’t they stereotypical lazy influencers. Their children always look well cared for, they plan lots of activities with the children in mind, and they have a lot of interesting content. Unfortunately what I’ve noticed very recently is the odd clothing picture making a reappearance. I really hope Lucy doesn’t return to the way she was before as she has a more healthy, interesting balance now.

Lucy has a lovely figure, she doesn’t hide her curves and has clearly realised that the influencer business is a short-lived affair as she has just begun studying interior design, which ties in nicely with Jordan’s property renovations.

Lucy is poles apart from her influencer sister, Elle Darby and her partner Connor, both the laziest, egotistical, narcissistic, boring, greedy influencers I’ve ever watched.

If you like family influencers with variety, the Carters are one of the better families to follow.


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Ghost reviewer
1 year ago

"Boring and lazy"

She gives off such lazy vibes. House usually messy, doesn’t edit videos before posting, lacklustre content. She speaks down to her husband like he’s beneath her. Has a fave child and a fave twin. Children really need speech therapy intervention, likely down to lack of being an active parent - she’s likely just on her phone 24/7. She’s not nice to her half sister. Looks very odd.


Lucy Jessica Carter

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