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Alex b
2 years ago

"Strange profile"

I have to say I disagree with the other reviews here and think she knows exactly how to boost engagement with her. I agree the comments are fatphobic but believe becki is happy being that way and is happy to let harmful comments stay purely for her own gains! She could block key words but chooses not to the comments are appalling

Profile misleading of her lifestyle to and the hanging round teens a lot strikes me as very odd

I think she is just a bit simple and doesn’t understand the impact of her profile


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2 years ago

"Not as bad as people make out"

I’m on the fence with becki as I don’t think she’s as bad as others make out - she’s harmless, and I think a lot of the comments she gets - on both tiktok and - are rooted in fatphobia. I do think she needs to get a bit more of a life rather than trying to get down with the kids on tiktok and I do also think at times her ‘what I ate today’ videos are made in such a way as to purposely inflame - it earns her money, after all.


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2 years ago

"Could be worse"

I am similar about this lady as another follower is so on the fence so I’ll start with pros

I think she’s genuinely nice
She seems to be honest
Her account doesn’t appear to be hit with the ad curse where people just get fed up
She can take a joke

I am also not sure if the what I eat in a a day are you attach negative comments so engagement stays high
The profile in general is triggering to anyone with eating issues as the comments are mean I would avoid if you have problems with eating


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2 years ago


I think this lady gets a lot of flack but seems pretty harmless. She does not come across greedy and does not saturate her followers with ads I genuinely believe she is a good person and her comments are awful

I’d say the only negative for her is she can sometimes be a bit naive she doesn’t have a very normal life for a woman her age and I hope she gets some sm media support as there are some cruel comments about her

I hope she doesn’t change as I enjoy her stories


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Sally 1960
2 years ago

"A sweet enough woman"

Becki frequents my for you page on tiktok and unlike some of the other comments, I do believe she is harmless. Perhaps, it is odd that her main following is young teens but I’m assuming the algorithm just shows this age group her videos.

Gets an awful lot of hate comments despite many other women posting similar food diaries. (Perhaps because Becki does not meet the beauty standard expected of women) I think she is having fun. She is not exposing any children like many other shameless celebrities.


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2 years ago


I don’t know why I admit I keep watching her videos… something compelling about her. She definitely seems more normal amongst the influencer world but she’s very strange with some behaviour… I find it disturbing that she has such a young fan base as a nearly 30 year old woman… if this was a man it would be seen as disgusting

But she has Shown a honest weight loss journey and I think she seems nice enough… just stay away from kids and block the nasty words….


Becki Jones

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