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1 year ago

"Chris' alleged inappropriate behaviour with fans is a worry"

Chris is the father from 'The Ingham Family' a YouTube daily vlogging channel for over five years.

The Inghams build up a huge teen and tween following, Chris used his position of trust to contact fans inappropriately. The most notorious one being a sixteen year old autistic fan on holiday in Disney World, Florida. The Inghams had met her as a family earlier on, then Chris began messaging her privately and suggested she sneak out of her room to meet him when her family were asleep to go skinny dipping. Age of consent in Florida is 18, Inghams haven't been back. Police confirmed messages of a sexual nature were sent.

Chris messaged a 19 year old maid and huge fan at the Alton Towers hotel, promised he could make her a star, asked her to send photos without her top on, acted like a general sleaze.

Allegations of Chris inviting a 21 year old fan to the Ibis hotel in Leeds, had sex with her, then made her sign a hand written non disclosure agreement that if she were to speak about this, she would need to pay £250,000. His mother seems to confirm that this incident did happen.

Other allegations of Chris contacting young fans inappropriately, seems in particular to like to invite them to go skinny dipping with him, likes to use his position as a once successful YouTuber to promise to help their careers.

You can Google image 'Chris Ingham messages' and come to your own conclusion, plenty of evidence documented there. Chris should have left the YouTube platform as soon as the messages came out and he was unable or unprepared to disprove them. Unfortunately, unless he goes back to the USA, he is unlikely to face any prosecution as ages of consent in UK and US are different but it is telling that since the incident the family's trips to their 'favourite place on earth' have stopped.

The fact that he is still on YouTube and still has the same social media accounts available to young fans is a worry. Glad to see sponsors have mostly dried up, and management dropped them soon after Chris' victims were brave enough to come forward


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Jenni Taylor
1 year ago

"Allegedly messages young female fans"

Chris allegedly messages young female fans asking one if she would like to go skinny dipping with him.
He also got very angry with Kayak Paul who was only worried about the Ingham childrens' safety when out on loch Lomond without safety gear.Chris was most offended when Paul said "You're not famous " and called him Mr Ingram.


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1 year ago

"His behaviour is a concern."

Chris Ingham was exposed in 2018 for highly inappropriate behaviour towards his young fans, one being 16, he sent extremely graphic (sexual) messages to these girls and young women and overstepped his trust. He would lure the young girls and women in with his persuasive talk about being “famous” and would arrange meeting up with them, when Sarah and “the girls” were either asleep or doing something else. When caught out, his behaviour towards the women turned very unpleasant, threatening them with legal action and “to never speak about this again”. He would involve his mother, father, wife and anyone who he saw “easy” to get involved in his threatening and make the girls/young women targets of hate and abuse, including dragging his fans (who are also vulnerable) into it. To this day, he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong and hasn’t been made accountable for his actions. He is capable of suspected grooming, that involves his mother, as she did lure some “IFAM” into conversations and would either guilt trip or persuade them to still be part of the “IFAM” and if they saw any “haters” saying the truth about what has happened, to defend the family and throw abuse at them. His content is ringing alarm bells for concern as well, some (if not most), is ranging on borderline child endangerment, (ie. A video that hasn’t been deleted, showing isla in a Bath with her mother, she was covered but that doesn’t excuse that this type of content is horrifyingly catering to a type of audience you really wouldn’t want to cater it to). He has done nothing to improve his behaviour or get any professional help because he doesn’t think anything is wrong with what he is doing and how he is behaving, recently, one of his (old?) friends, who he was buddies with in his (blading hobby?) was also outed in being inappropriate with a young girl through WhatsApp. I highly wouldn’t recommend that your child should watch his content or even “look up to him”, he is not the innocent type to be worshipped to. He is a man who prays on vulnerable and young girls/women and exploits his children for profit.


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1 year ago


A creepy little man who never takes off his stinking beanie


Chris Ingham

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