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2 years ago

"Very inconsistent & uneducated advice given"

Inaccurate advice given regarding products (advising people to use lilash eyebrow on eye lashes), flits between brands for skincare, adverts that don’t correlate to the product being advertised. Advised followers that she sprays children’s left overs with disinfectant to stop her eating them.

If inconsistencies or questions are raised she simply blocks you even when you are a genuine follower (which I was until I pointed out lilash state NOT to use brow product on lashes and was blocked in minutes!)

Any brand that works with this influencer needs to review their policies for social media marketing


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Marsha Trotman
2 years ago

"Lazy and narcissistic influencer with nothing original to offer"

Nikki is a very lazy content creator rolling out the same “lost 3 stone in 3 months” story (which according to SW magazine wasn’t actually 3 stone) and in any event was 20 years ago.

She has a lot of triggering habits not suited to anyone with eating disorders ie spraying bleach on leftovers, constantly starting afresh on a Monday and never admitting what treats or “off plan” food she eats. She also maintains she’s a size 8 (debatable) yet is constantly trying to get slimmer.

She has tried to be a parenting muminfluencer but struggles with this as she rarely spends time with her children. Instead they are palmed off on her elderly parents, nursery or the gym crèche while she prances about doing shopping hauls and posing at the gym.

She seems to genuinely think she is doing is a service by providing constant shopping hauls. Unfortunately her taste in clothes is very dated and nearly everything she buys ends up in the sale. She has no awareness of the result of fast fashion on the environment.

Despite her saying she turns down adverts it does seem she would advertise anything. She contradicts herself by advertising similar brands only days apart. She never seems to her repeat work with any brand.

She also will block anyone who doesn’t agree with her rather than enter into healthy debate, possibly as she lacks the intelligence to do so. Her engagement is on a constant decline.

To sum up, I’m not entirely sure why anyone would follow her or why brands work with her.


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Ghost reviewer
2 years ago

"2.5 stars"

I agree she flutters between brands and is so inconsistent. She advertises a lot but does declare the post is an ad so I’ll give her that one. Sometimes she gives off vibes of eating disorders and the next she gives off inspiration vibes. Twins are cute but she isn’t the most natural mum bless her but they seem well loved just as much as she loves that old block button!


Nikki Ryan

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