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1 year ago

"Transformation into shameless influencer"

I used to like watching stacey on loose women I work nights so her opinions on there compared to the other panelist’s were a welcome break

I followed her on Instagram and have seen her spiral into a ad account with far too much child information it’s scary how irresponsible she is her boys are in a separate part of her house altogether. I am not surprised her partners ex does now allow their son on her platform it’s so damaging.

Another person who gets gifted far too much when she has plenty of money and she should be ashamed accepting the amount she takes to


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1 year ago

"Shameless seller of kids lives"

Do not like this influencer at all. I've noticed she frequently involves her children in her Instagram, there is no need for this, I find it is a way to make you feel as if you are this influencer's friend and not just a consumer. I believe this prays on vulnerable individuals and also infringes on the human rights of her kids who do not have the capacity to consent to their images and snapshots of their lives being shared.

The adverts are often dishonest and pre-recorded, lots of bad editing spotted which makes me think the products are not used at all!

Inappropriate content shared of minors on this page like naked infants which thankfully, Instagram removes quickly but beyond me why any parent would think this was okay on a public and open profile.

Filters on many products showing their true image. If the product is so good, why not show it in it's true form?

This influencer also lies a lot and has been caught out several times and does not address this.


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1 year ago

"A very greedy woman"

This is probably the greediest influencer I’ve ever come across. It is no secret she hasn’t a bad income but she still insists on taking free gifts in exchange for her terrible advertising skills (I’ve no idea how any one can believe her fake giggly persona!)

The way she has presented herself as a mother is beyond gross, she has presented an image where all she has ever wanted is a baby girl and the boys appear to be pushed aside. Another influencer who does not care about their kids! All is about them how much money they can make and the likes they can gain

Also enforces old dated gender stereotypes, it’s 2021 not all girls like pink but it seems she is forcing her daughter in to out dated stereotypes to fulfill her own need of having a girly girl!


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Alex b
1 year ago

"The most annoying influencer"

Stacey is easily in the top 5 worst influencers. I’ve always been a huge fan of dove products so couldn’t believe when I saw her pushing the campaign! Her photos are so heavily filtered, stupidly hypocritical, why support a movement you don’t support

Shameless take take take of freebies despite having a good income… her sister is just as bad, both love to steal small business ideas for their own gain!

Sadly Stacey is very good at acting and pretending she is your friend , I can see why people buy into her sales tactics it’s very sad and she knows her target audience are very silly people who she takes advantage of….

Highly annoying giggle at everything that’s not funny, partner does nothing waited on hand on foot not relatable in the slightest. Lives in her dream world of gifts and high pay for little work completely out of touch with the real world

I won’t go into the multiple poor parenting she displays as I think other reviews have summerised how awful it is


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1 year ago

"Fake, shameless hypocrite"

Used to come across as relatable and down-to-earth but then developed this online persona that involves her acting stupid, grinning and disingenuously telling everyone that she loves them.

Nothing is out of bounds - she uses her children as content and overshares too much information about them that leaves them wide open to bullying, or worse. It’s awful to see.

By far the worst thing for me is her adopting an ambassadorial role as a small business supporter - encouraging others to buy from small businesses, except she now collaborates with In The Style and Primark. I’ve no doubt youngsters are working for a pittance to make the clothes she is now flogging to the masses. In short, a greedy, fake hypocrite who has just birthed a girl and clumsily made it clear that child is superior to her others.


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1 year ago

"Used to like her, then disliked her and now who knows"

I liked her back in the x factor. But now she's a full time influencer sharing her children for profit and I really dislike that.

She 100% puts on a ditsy persona when she's higher than average intelligence, why the need for that? Why can't she be herself rather than putting on an act?

But she's sometimes good on loose women, JSP really can't stand influencers and all they stand for so that's been entertaining at times.


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1 year ago

"Obsessed with herself"

It is amazing how quickly this thing has gone from likeable to completely unreliable and ridiculous in the space of a few years!

Her biggest error was switching to Influencing, she has shown her true colours working wirh any brand that’ll pay her and promoting her sisters business which is a total rip off of people who don’t have the privilege of a high profile sister!

Then her fake friendship with hinch, suddenly they are best friends after knowing each other a short amount of time? I mean let’s be honest both didn’t care about covid so probably met hp tons while the rest of us went without seeing people so perhaps they did build a friendship quickly. It’s very twee and false and she has come across very stupid attaching herself to a woman who has built a career on being nasty and lying about everything

The kids are props in her game to make as much money as possible, couldn’t possibly just use her own talent and life to make money, the money sounds pinging in her head with each child she produces!

Hugely problematic


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1 year ago

"Fake fake fake"

Fake woman that is shameless in her marketing towards lower income people constantly working with fast fashion brands in the style in particular is awful quality at ridiculous prices..!

Will show her kids to anyone if it gets her a sponsership

Not thick as she seems, knows exactly how to milk her daft audience ie posting at the time people have actually gone to work for a full time real job, using her kids names as bait to boost engagement!! Shameless and an embarrassment to the U.K.


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Sally 1960
1 year ago


This person has done a very good job of convincing the world they are very kind. Do not believe this. My daughter went to the same school as her in Barkingside and was friends with her sister till very recently. She has since been dropped now they are climbing the social ladder.

Both have no interest in people that cannot give them something. Stacey was a mean girl back in school, think Regina from Mean Girls. She will sell anything as she says for the right price. Please do not buy she likes what she sells!

A real nasty piece of work and from what I’ve seen myself, uses the children as a sick way to boost her own popularity and engagement. Pray for those poor children when they are older and see themselves splashed across the internet.


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1 year ago

"ex fan"

i followed stacey since her x factor days and genuinely used to like this woman she has said a couple of good things in her time on loose women but then she entered the influencer world and since then she has changed

she no longer sings which is a shame now she just is advertising

her new range rips off several small sellers but for small prices so they cannot compete, she works wuth unethical brands and does not care. heavily filters her photos but has tried to say she is on the dove campaign very hypocritical

i am also very uncomfortable with her oversharing her kids lives like many of the others have commented and also agree this should be banned till kids can make a choice themselves to be online!! she is shameful and not the stacey we knew from x factor


Stacey Solomon

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