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2 years ago

"All an act!"

Puts on a ditzy act & it is an act, her kids seem to be like performing monkeys all the time, pre records, lies about things one being the new favourite child not having a name, takes plants to hospital when her then youngest had hurt himself, who does that? Then was promoting items whilst the poor lad was having surgery. Her older boys are apparently living in a separate building altogether, not safe whatsoever when so many people can easily find out where she lives, don’t get me started on the maternity shoot her dad did for her, absolutely creeped me out!


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2 years ago

"ex fan"

i followed stacey since her x factor days and genuinely used to like this woman she has said a couple of good things in her time on loose women but then she entered the influencer world and since then she has changed

she no longer sings which is a shame now she just is advertising

her new range rips off several small sellers but for small prices so they cannot compete, she works wuth unethical brands and does not care. heavily filters her photos but has tried to say she is on the dove campaign very hypocritical

i am also very uncomfortable with her oversharing her kids lives like many of the others have commented and also agree this should be banned till kids can make a choice themselves to be online!! she is shameful and not the stacey we knew from x factor


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2 years ago

"Failed singer turned sales woman"

Let’s get this straight this lady is not a singer she’s a failed singer turned Instagram sales woman!!! The hype for this manipulative woman that drags her kids into her ads is ridiculous!

Constantly goes on about being kind but quite happily sells rubbish and pretends it’s good for her followers to make money! Goes on about being kind but doesn’t show kindness to her own kids by giving them privacy!!!

Shameless freeloader , embarassment


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2 years ago

"Embarassing and crude"

I don’t even know where to start with this X factor loser…. How she has changed from the Stacey we saw in 2010 circa when she came across ok…

Account is quite literally delusional… makes out life is fairy tales and unicorns… maybe it is when you work the bare minimum and your husband is a failed actor doing nothing who knows…

Such a twee account… shameless acceptances of freebies… caught getting freebies and giving to relative to sell…! So embarassing… the worst of the influencers for giving no f””” about her kids…


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2 years ago

"Gross that’s all I c an say"

Sickened by the favouritism of her new daughter anyone would think she didn’t have sons she thinks it’s harmless imagine looking back when them kids are older and seeing how different she is

Anyone would think she’s only woman on earth to give birth very boring content with over exposed kids


Stacey Solomon

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