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1 year ago

"Sells lots of stickers because her sister is a bit famous"

Jemma sells sticky labels for idiots that decant their washing liquid from one container into another just to be hidden away in a cupboard to stop their confused children from thinking it’s a Rose Wonderland milkshake. She gets more orders than any other small business (that have been doing the same thing for longer) because her sister is a bit famous.

Despite the fact Jemma looks like she is devoid of most vitamins, and that her only discernible ‘talent’ is knowing how to use a printer, she is used by sister Stace to model her ‘In The Style’ range of sweatshop overpriced garments that shits all over small businesses, but as it’s not Jemma’s small business that’s affected, it’s all good and can be overlooked. Nothing to see here…….

Can generally be found frequenting her sister’s Instagram pictures because it helps her business to hang on to her sister’s coattails. Not sure I’d even call her an influencer if I’m honest. Inoffensive but not particularly interesting.


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1 year ago

"Wanna b cling on fake with a famous sister"

Jemma soloman is the worst. She is so entitled because she is stacey solomans sister. She is a fraud. She copies everyone’s ideas and designs and tries to copyright them!, I.e fridge organisation with labels. A wannabe Stacey she is even starting to do tap to tidy! Using her sister to get likes and defraud the public on her over priced cakes no, balloons no, sorry labels. She thinks we’re all interested in her and her “small business” complete with lord sugar investment and free dell computers. At least Stacey has worked hard for her notoriety. This sister is like a cling on who pops up everywhere attached to staceys coat tails. Even worse now she that entitled she has even started begging for freebies. I wouldn’t call her a influencer just a poundland Stacey


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1 year ago

"Cling on"

This woman is just stringing along in her sisters shadow! She literally just makes sticky labels at ridiculous prices and has been shown to totally rip off other designs with no credit… only where she is because of her sister very dull and uninspiring account


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1 year ago


Sells crap labels and let’s be honest she only does well cos of who her sister is

Bland content and bland labels . Silly woman is only big cos of her dopey sister


Jemma Solomon

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