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Sally 1960
2 years ago

"Mean Girls"

Mrs Hinch is hanging off Stacey Solomons coattails which is probably because they are cut from the same cloth though I would say Hinchliffe is the original Regina George.

Everything about this account shocks me. If this was a reported to social services and this person did not have a huge following and money, there would be concerns.

Seems to think she is above nhs advice, shown weaning both her children way before the recommended age. My children were born when they Could be weaned at this age but even I know to follow current advice and recognise my children were at more risk of all the research risks now. Gives the children inappropriate aged toys (if any, no colour stimulation to fit her aesthetic) seen putting her son in a dangerous car seat unsuitable for his age.

There is no saving grace for her. Like all mothers we make mistakes but she chooses to ignore it and leave this dangerous advice/influence out there. A woman I believe has a very narcisstic personality.

Shameless with using her children for the cute factor. Very odd lady with an even more strange following


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2 years ago

"Bots ads filters"

To sum up this account in 3 words…

Bots - check out the followers, many are obvious fake accounts
Ads - the account is just a sales account, more adverts than YouTube
Filters - anything she advertises will have a filter so don’t get excited as it won’t look the way it does when you buy it

I had the misfortune of being gifted her book for some reason my mum was led to believe I liked this vapid woman, despite it being ghost written it was still poorly written and so many holes in her stories it’s unreal! If you think this woman likes you I think you are very daft

Her kids are beautiful but she is very lacklustre with parenting and lax on protecting them definitely not a good instagrammed and one to avoid, the hype is not worth it


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2 years ago

"The fairytale that is a lie"

Sophie Hinchliffe is an excellent sales woman and nothing else. At a push, I would also say she is an excellent actress. Sophie has managed to convinced millions she has no idea how she came to find her influencer status despite having an extensive career in sales pre influencer fame.

Sophie has a toxic following. This is due to Sophie herself who has set her Hinch Army on anyone who dares questions her ethics and morals. These fans claim they are aunties to her children. This would be enough to take any good mother away from the influencer world, or at least take measures to protect her children.

The account is full of adverts, a lot undeclared under the guise of her “just learning” a line she often trots out when she makes yet another “‘mistake”

Books are ghost written and some are advertised as self help books when they are just note pads.

Stay away, this is a cult and nothing else.


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2 years ago

"Well planned and shameless"

I started following Mrs hinch when she had a few thousand followers and I was well and truly hoodwinked! I bought the sweet and innocent act I won’t lie and I feel very stupid

Transpires both her and her husband are sales people and Mrs hinch had several attempts at making it on social media. She didn’t meet her older husband like a starry eyed romance they had an affair and for someone that proclaims innocent and light I felt very silly for believing it all

Her account is now just ads, she’s a sales woman and nothing else she well and truly duped me into believing we were on a journey dealing with our anxiety when she was just wanting to find a way up the social media ladder to make money for doing nothing

I’ve now see she also happily shares gross content from her kids and I was very surprised considering she says she is a shy anxious lady but she’s quite happy to share all about her poor kids to

Also always seems to get away with not showing ads very unfair and she knows what she is doing this lady has a nasty past don’t be fooled and save your pennies


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2 years ago


I think this woman knows exactly what she's doing. She has suckered in her followers to believe she is their friend and cares about them. And then once she sucks them in, she keeps them feeling sorry for her by playing and anxiety card or the troll card. It's all a ploy to keep the followers onside and buying the things she is promoting.

She is supposed to be a cleaning account, though there's precious little of that these days. However a lot of the stuff she does is patently unsafe if not downright dangerous ie mixing chemicals in a toilet. All done to advertise as many products as possible with never a thought for the consequences. When she is made aware of the dangers of what she has done, she does not inform her followers that she has made a mistake, she ignores it, so that her followers carry on unsafe practices in ignorance. This is unforgivable, she, as a woman with a massive platform, has an absolute responsibility to her followers.

I also despise the way she involves her children and exploits then for her own material gain. Children are innocents, they cannot agree or disagree to being put on public view. Half the time their
poor little bodies are put on the stories in various stages of undress, it makes me shudder. It is child abuse and should be stopped until they reach an age where they can consent.

She is a money grabbing, vile creature who is most certainly not what she seems. She is who she is on Instagram merely to get the followers onside, I can't stand her. Out of all the influencers she is by far the worst.


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2 years ago

"Just a saleswoman"

Mrs Hinch has gone from a cleaning account who got lucky, to a constant stream of advertisements - many undeclared.

She filters photos of herself and her children, uses her children to flog anything a company will pay her to sell, and despite claiming to be ‘relatable’ is anything but. She no longer cleans, is a millionaire, her husband no longer works and hangs off her coattails and she plays a dangerous game of trying to portray herself as still being like everyone else whereas in reality she now lives a very charmed life.

Her books are awful - Penguin should be ashamed of themselves for publishing them.

Her title as one of the very worst influencers is well deserved after posting a photograph of her young child using the toilet. Would definitely steer clear of following her account or buying her overpriced range of bland goods.


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2 years ago

"Oh my days"

Oh my days how this woman gets away with what she does is unbelievable from not declaring ads and advertising make up with heavy filters it’s honestly a joke !!

Her fan base are just as mad several times she’s been called out for her actions including the worst which is featuring her kids all the time her fans say she doesn’t deserve it but can’t justify why using your kids private life for clout is acceptable!

She has no consideration for the environment and tries to be relatable by keeping it to bargain shops but them going and buying massive Hauls

Her books could be written by a toddler and are full of lies

There has never been an honest word from this influencers mouth and her followers are either very strange calling themselves aunts or appear as Middle Eastern men very suspicious


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2 years ago

"Dangerous vapid woman"

Promotes dangerous cleaning practices, hoarding, as well as knowingly fleeces her vulnerable follower base with undeclared advertisements and stupidly high expectations e.g. ‘Narnia cupboard’ stocked like a supermarket. Constantly seems to be competing to ‘one-up’ her ‘trolls’. Photos of her kid on the toilet plastered all over Instagram! Would have a hell of a lot more respect for her if she toned it right down, cleaned like she did when she first started, and kept her kids private lives just that - private!


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2 years ago

"Nasty person"

Nastiest person on social media rite now can’t believe the U.K. is full of such naive people…… if you think she is nice you are very wrong about her… anxiety is a trick to get u to feel sorry for her she has no care for her fans and only wants to sell u her latest rubbish… the books are worse to read than biff and chip… I worked out she was a liar when she tripped up on several mistakes from book to sm…..

Her content has got worse and worse… I thought she might be a good example of a sm mum and protect her kids but she doesn’t care… simply cash cows to her…. Doesn’t respect her children… we should not be seeing her son on the loo… we should not be hearing about his melt downs this is a private life… just because she doesn’t want one doesn’t mean she can do that to him… her husband is a buffoon who doesn’t work… she makes how life is hard with her kids when her and her husband are home constantly with her mum round the corner… unreliable and she is a massive hypocrite and liar… do not like her


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2 years ago

"Hinch is toxic"

The hinch brand is the most toxic brand I’ve ever come across. Not just the hinch brand but her Barmy hinch army of huns. Read the only positive reviews about her. The text is cult like almost very scary that people think humans calling out the rights of children and integrity is more important than a woman they’ve never met who has told them they are mates.

Trust me she isn’t your mate! She wants to sell you sponges and p&g products because she works with them the more she can shift because of you, you line her products. If you support this woman you support child exploitation and you should be ashamed of yourself and think about your morals


Mrs Hinch

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