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2 years ago

"Shockingly bad influencer"

The influencer world is like landfill mostly rubbish with the odd gem thrown in! Well let me say this awful woman is certainly not one of them!!

This woman constantly promotes dangerous things from putting zoflora in boiling water then having a paddy when they called it out!! To showing her weaning her 4 month old son without mentioning the guidelines in her home country say not till 6 months with good evidence!!!

Shockingly she’s been caught out faking her sons speech skills… few months later admits he is delayed!!! Poor child is shown to the world with no regard to his safety and she acts ashamed of him!! As a mother with a daughter with autism I am embarrassed people do not call her out on this!!!! Who on earth pretends their child is speaking!! Someone thats ashamed!

Her account is one big advert the majority of it rubbish and tat!! Cleaning products from unethical companies bad for the environment no one needs 50000 products to clean a semi detached house ! Clearly a bad dog owner poor dog is clearly very over weight has said vet told her to put him on a diet but the poor thing gets fatter and fatter and no one holds her accountable

Truly false woman and Im surprised she still has popularity


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Alex b
2 years ago

"a genuinely narcissistic woman"

it is scary how many people believe this person is nice, u could not be more wrong! She was a nasty piece of work in school and still is I have the misfortune of attending school with her and still being in contact with people who move in the same circles

she did not have a lovely romance with Jamie that untrue she cheated on her bf and was nasty to her ex and treated him very badly

the I dunno how it happened to me is rubbish her and her husband were both sales people with links to pr and advertising they knew exactly how to do it

she will advertise anything for money she is not truthful she will promote cheap products but only uses expensive stuff herself this is because she cant sell more expensive stuff as her following is not that well off

she was never fat not even in school slightly chubby at a push but tells everyone she was huge and just had to get surgery no she didn’t shes always been spoiled and can’t wait for anything

Horrible lady and doesnt declare ads gets gifted far too much and trust me she will leave thag house when the time is right do not buy she loves her home she’s desperate to go!!!


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2 years ago

"Very fake"

I can not believe people still follow this woman .She is nothing but a saleswoman who is making money on every single thing she puts on Instagram. Her followers are too thick to see she is using them.Also I really believe there needs to be a law against influences using their children for content. Again to make money. Those poor boys, especially the older one. His while life he has had a phone shoved in his face. Even when on the toilet.he probably thinks it's normal now but she is damaging those kids .I wish someone would do something about this for every child of inuencers.Those poor kids .no privacy whatsoever .It's so wrong.


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2 years ago

"Where do we start?"

This is the worst influencer I've ever come across.

1) Constant undeclared ads! Despite numerous warnings from ASA, this still happens frequently.
2) Uses filters on products she advertises. Has advertised make-up products and used a filter, uses filters on her clothes range so the colours look completely different in store to what they do online. Filters her body so the clothing range sits nicely on Instagram but fit's awful in-store.
3) Advertises anything, poor clothes quality at high prices. Not worth the money, it is fast fashion quality with a high price.
4) Uses children to gain sympathy and to lure people into believing they are friends and not just people to advertise to. Inappropriate content is always shared of their children, they would be very easily identifiable to people following them. Strange following who leave disturbing comments about their relationship with her kids.
5) Very unprofessional to followers who question things. Has called people stupid and troll multiple times for simply asking about some unethical practices.


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2 years ago

"Fake author"

Used to love Mrs hinch then bought her book which was just a bloody note pad I could of got myself in home bargains!

The amount of products she used when she was cleaning was a joke dont get me wrong I’m not perfect and used to do the same but stated reading comments about how bad it was and stopped as it’s so bad for the environment she has been told this and doesn’t change bad example to many

Her book has lots of lies in it that dont Match to what she says online thats the thing with lying you will slip yourself up it’s very obvious

She doesn’t do anything good and when I saw her drop food to a closed food bank I unfollowed for good


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2 years ago

"very dull content"

i started off as a big mrs hinch fan, i bought all the cleaning products and thought she was a nice person but as time on i have seen the light!!!!

she promotes any products that pay her and i dont trust what she says lately i have noticed she is not always being clear when she advertises and she always leaves her stuff laying around pretending to not know its an ad very dishonest. she still accepts gifts despite having money

i stopped viewing when she had her son who is over exposed on her profile the poor boy is laughed at as someone with autism i think she is very cruel to him and her kids should not be on instagram it is disgraceful

she also does not promote safe cleaning!!!


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2 years ago

"Constant lies, filters and inappropriate sharing"

Let me just start by saying, I absolutely adored Mrs. Hinch at one point. I thought she was very honest and only promoted products that she believed were good but the more famous she got, the more the lies became very transparent and the greed become too much to bear.

My first realization of how dishonest she was was when it came to light how badly she filters herself. She often likes to share quotes that appear she is kind and warm and tells you to love yourself the way you are but never appears to share unfiltered images. I'd see fan photos of her and barely recognize her! This then led to her using filters on products she advertised which just seems very sneaky. Mrs Hinch also kept acting like she did not understand the ASA rules and would always advertise without declaring!

After she had her child I unfollowed for good. The gross oversharing of a little boy's privacy became awful, there is no need to do this, and to echo what others said, I strongly believe this industry needs to be regulated to prohibit parents making a profit off their children.

Finally, she has very very rude to me and many other followers who simply asked questions! Glad I saw the light and threw away all her books which are a complete rip-off, she does not write them and she sells lists and calls them books! Absolutely ridiculous.


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2 years ago

"Putting women back a hundred years"

Cleaning your home should not be all women aspire to do. She has single handled ruined years of women fighting for their rights, all while being paid disgustingly and taking advantage of vulnerable people.


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2 years ago

"Lazy, lying and irresponsible"

A horrible influencer and if I listed here everything she’s done I’d be here all day!

1)My main bug bear is the poor treatment of her dog, I have a cocker spaniel they are naturally active dogs and I’ve always seen he is very big for his size… she addressed this when a vet told her he needs to lose weight and since the dog has just got bigger and bigger, animal cruelty and she has never once taken responsibility for the fact he is so large!
2)Promotes unhealthy image of herself one minute she looks like a size 6 21 year old the next minute a fan publishes a photo and she is a healthy size woman who looks her age ! Clear fillers Botox the lot but has her strange number telling everyone she hasn’t despite the fact her lips are about 5 times the size they were once! Very odd and as a user of aesthetics myself I have no idea why you’d not just be honest!
3) seems to think it’s funny to laugh at her eldest son and show him in a poor light
4) constant adverts and bad ones to pretends she doesnt know how she got to where she is but has a shady past
5) when she tells her stories about what is said about her she leaves out details to make her look innocent ie pretends people are just horrible about her dog but people message advice about cutting down food for the dog to help her. Same with her child she calls everyone a troll even though the poor lad has no colour in his home and appears to be mocked and embarassed by his parents who seem ashamed that he is developing slightly slower than average

Terrible influencer with no care about her fans and the impacts on the world, embarrassment to women in general


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2 years ago

"Bad for mental health"

Everything she posts now is Just ad after ad after ad and its all so she makes herself more money.

She sits at home all day and does nothing, same with her husband who is home 24/7. They freeload their way through life with gifted everything, sat on their sofa posting ads. Its a disgrace.

She is a very fake woman.


Mrs Hinch

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