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2 years ago

"Absolutely Vile"

This so called woman is absolutely rotten to the core. She’s says she didn’t know what her ex wife was doing (robbed £200k off the elderly and vulnerable) ofcourse she knew what she was doing. Making out that her ex wife was this monster but continued to stay with her after being arrested and jailed for the theft of 200k. Had a baby with the wife and then had another baby with her when she knew exactly what she’d been arrested and jailed for. Does that sound like you didn’t know what was going on??? Done a story on social media a few nights ago because people where finally finding out about her and her dodgy past. Made a mockery of mental health. Making fun of mental health, clearly worded making people believe she was ready to commit suicide. Then less than 24 hours later after crying with no tears, eyes bone dry stories on social media she’s back to adding swipe ups and bragging about going shopping. This nasty piece of work is more concerned about her swipe ups, ADS, gifted etc stuff with no consideration of the people who her wife robbed their life savings from. Her influencer gravy train is wearing thin and the day she’s cancelled the better. She’s the most NARCISSISTIC person from the influencer category.


Charlotte Greedy

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