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1 year ago

"100% Liar"

Sadly shills a life of luxury when she lies about everything, they are not wealthy or live in a large country house. She lives in a 2 bed flat, pretending her life is great when it's nothing but one sham. Her marriage is very one sided she doesn't care for her husband and is only with him to fetch and carry for her. All her photo's are very heavily edited to a extent you wouldn't recognise her in the street. Her major income is from InTheStyle the clothes are of extremely poor quality, look terrible, not designed by her and don't last. If you send any polite DM's asking about the quality you get a rude reply and blocked immediately she has no interest in constructive feedback. Lorna is not a credible influencer at all, her content is very poorly constructed. None of the major designers/brands will work with her, invite her to events, that tells you something.


Lorna Luxe

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