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2 years ago

"Invasive Documentation of Non-verbal Disabled daughter's private moments"

This vlogger has set up quite a following with his sharing of his extremely limited daughter's personal life. The daughter is intellectually delayed and autistic. He talks about her when she is present as if she is not there, certainly( I hope) he is making the mistake of thinking she doesn't understand. I say hope he is making that mistake, because if he isn't, he is just being downright cruel. From watching the vlogs for a very long time, he seems to be the primary caregiver. There is a female in the house (his wife) who seems to not partake in any of the important daily activities of the daughter. She is an MLM seller, and is always using her telephone to try to sell makeup so never seems to focus on her daughter. From the father's postings, it is apparent that the daughter doesn't like the mother, so that is probably just as well.
This channel allegedly started out as trying to assist other parents of autistic children. Since then, however , it has devolved into a verbose commentary on things the parents are doing. Long commentaries on a business they opened which has booths for people to take selfies in. A feeble attempt to start a travel channel by purchasing a recreational vehicle and running it across country for a month, while damaging it pretty severely (roof, steps to get in to the RV, blown tire that wreaked havoc on the siding).
This vlogger has a prior criminal history. He also impregnated another woman while he was married, and was remiss in child support payments.

The most disturbing thing about this channel is disclosure of so many personal details about his daughter---showing her on the toilet ( allegedly fully clad), talking about the medications she takes to stop her biological cycle, showing her having "melt downs" and extreme "stimming" behavior. He recently commented that he would not allow anyone to film him sedated although he routinely thinks nothing of exposing every personal detail about his daughter.

I gave this channel a one rating due to how invasive it is, as well as it being far off course from what it was supposedly started for.


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Please Help Abbie
2 years ago

"Despicable parents"

These two claim autism awareness but only on it for money. Their treatment of their severely mentally disabled daughter boarders on abuse, at the very least neglected.
Please don’t subscribe or click on anything to further enrich these scumbags.


Fathering Autism

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