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1 year ago

"Hypocritical, boring, child seller."

I used to love her when she blogged but she’s just awful now she’s full on Instagram. No original content it’s all rehashed or buying lots of unnecessary crap.

Regularly complains that people are mean and cruel online and that trolls follow and attack her - yet she STILL shows far too much detail of her kids lives online. They have no privacy. If you’re that bothered about the negative side of having an online persona why the hell wouldn’t you protect your kids from it. It’s obvious that money and the dopamine hit from Instagram likes are all that’s important to her now.

Her content is either deadly boring or utterly cringey it’s like watching a car crash- can’t look away as she’s slowly losing the plot and unravelling.

It started to go wrong when she decided to do it for a job, rather that it just being another part of her life. She hasn’t got the talent or imagination to be a full time creative.


Emma Conway

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